Coopers Landing + Ninilchik (Day 41)


Coopers Landing + Ninilchik (Day 41)

Date: Thursday, July 9, 2015

Itinerary: Based in Kenai, AK

Overnight: Diamond M Ranch & Resort

K (Mom): I’ll take an eagle-watching family pancake dinner on the beach in Ninilchik over the highest rated Michelin restaurant anytime.

E (Dad): Cool day fishing with C (little lake + Coopers Landing) – explored some back roads. Wonderful dinner while viewing eagles in Ninilchik; glad we stopped + talked to espresso guys – it paid off.

G (age 11): Loved going to Ninilchik and watching the eagles and eating pancakes – yum!

C (age 8): Got 2 eagle feathers.

Murdoch Roy clan’s one(ish)-sentence daily journal of our Summer 2015 road trip from NH to AK and sights in between.

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