Thompson Pass – Chugach Mtns (Day 46)


Thompson Pass – Chugach Mountains (Day 46)

Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Itinerary: Valdez, AK to just beyond Tok, AK

Overnight: Tanana River Bridge Viewpoint + Rest Area on the Alaska Highway

(Thompson Pass pics here)

K (Mom): Striking waterfalls, glaciers, and peaks in Thompson Pass – beautiful family hike.

E (Dad): Best hike of the trip so far in Thompson Pass – in the near future, I will find out what the skiing is like.

G (age 11): Loved hiking in Thompson Pass – so did the dogs – want to go back to Valdez sometime.

C (age 8): I can eat one whole Lara Bar in the time it takes Mom, Dad, + G to go down a part of the mountain.

Murdoch Roy clan’s one(ish)-sentence daily journal of our Summer 2015 road trip from NH to AK and sights in between.

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